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Global shipping to any country is offered. World Wide Commodities responsibly calculate FOB and will submit a Certificate of Origin with each shipment where it is required at that frequency. All networks for delivery such as eBay and PayPal can be used to buy our products with minimum hassle.

Delivery precision

Worldwide Commodities measures the required time and quantity wise on correct deliveries / dispatches according to the original demand. It must reflect correct day (or hour/min if required for Just in Time deliveries)

Become a supplier

Worldwide Commodities is strongly committed to supply Sri Lankan Spice and value added products regularly at an affordable and competitive price range. As we see ourselves engaged in this industry for the long run, we believe that establishing lasting links is essential for the growth of all stakeholders. You too can now become a Supplier! Join Us!

Support for new product development(NPD)

Worldwide Commodities invites to develop new products / new items/ blends for launch novel items on Sri Lankan Spice. Let us take our inherent traditions further!

Hurry up we are ready to extend our fullest support on this for the benefit of both parties. Take this opportunity to develop innovative and make your career with Spice products and get patented certificates worldwide.

Investment opportunities to cultivate spices at commercial level

WWC has opportunity to initiate various cultivations at commercial level on Black pepper, Cardamom and Clove in several regions of Sri Lanka and invite domestic and international investors. Since antiquity, our island has been producing some of the best spices ever! Why don’t you too join us in either investing in our company or buying your own Spice plantation? You can also obtain our expertise on consultations if you are interested in establishing such venture. We are as always, ever ready to assist in any aspect of Sri Lankan spices.

Preparation of Sample business plan is now progressing; What is more exotic that owning your very own Spice Garden?

The chance has now dawned to invest and reap the (literally) aromatic dividends of it!
Pease contact the investment promotion First Stop Shop for more information

Latest News

  • 01 January 2015 Established the Public Private Partnership Project between Worldwide Commodities (Pvt) Ltd and Department of Divi Naguma attached to the Ministry of Samurdhi and Housing
  • 15 March 2015 Project initiated with other stakeholders and established the company arm for Public Private Partnership program intervention with Government of Sri Lanka the project named “Divi Naguma”
  • 30 March 2015 Stated the collection of Spices from Small Scale farming community benefitting from Government Assistance through “Divi Naguma”
  • 28 May 2015 Kick off workshop at Kegalle with Divi Naguma staff and prepared an action plan for the district
  • 5 June 2015 Kick off workshop at Matale District and prepared the action plan
  • June- Jul 2015 Register and got the licence as appropriate for spice sector business including import and export authorities.

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities